I plan to do my internship through AISEC, a global organization which develops global leaders through their internship programs for profit and non-profit organizations. Today, I had an interview with them. (I had my resume corrected by some foreign friends of mine. Thank you!)

   I understood what the interviewer asked me, however I couldn't answer fluently. :(
   Fortunately, I passed the interview but I missed the chance to work at a company. She said to me, "I'm sorry but your English is not good enough to work at a company. But, you have an excellent score on the paper test. So, I think you will continue to do your best. I recommend that you do your internship at a non-profit organization." Immediately, I said "Yes! I'm eager to do my internship overseas, so it's OK even if I will do it at a non-profit organization."

   Of course, I was very sad to miss the chance to work at a company. But that didn't bother me and I will search harder for a NPO which accept me. I just made the starting line.

   So, I have to practice my speaking skill in English especially.


Doing an internship overseas

   I wanna go abroad as soon as possible!
   I'm planning to go to the Philippines or Singapore in the Summer for a few months. I will do an internship there.

   I'm filling out an application letter to an intermediary internship agent now.

   “How would your experience in this internship contribute to your own career?“

     My dream is to work in a multinational corporation. Of course, I will need to get better at my English skills, to acquire a global point of view and to have enough courage to live alone abroad. Because of that, I would like to have my internship in the Philippines or Singapore in which English is used as common language, before I begin to hunt for job.
     I have some goals that I would like to achieve there. First, I am aiming to improve my English so that I can communicate with native speakers without using a dictionary in two months. I’ll probably stay there for more than 3 months, so if I achieve that in 2 months I will focus my attention on the work for the month that is left. Actually, I've began studying business English since a month ago. And once a week, I chat with my foreign friends on Skype. I intend to increase the number of conversations I have in English with my foreign friends soon.
     Second, I’m going to research the requirements and criteria for a company or NPO when they are looking for local talent. In particular, I will point out the differences between the local and the Japanese and the reason behind it. Besides that, I am also learning the culture and economy of Southeast Asia at my University. I plan to interview some people while I'm am there and write a report. Then I will get their feedback on it. After I come back to Japan, I’ll make use of my research in my graduation thesis and job interviews.
     In conclusion, the main goals of my internship are improving English skills, obtaining a global point of view and researching. By doing so, it will help me to gain confidence and be more proactive. I aim to become a global talent who is aware of problems and able to solve them.