I plan to do my internship through AISEC, a global organization which develops global leaders through their internship programs for profit and non-profit organizations. Today, I had an interview with them. (I had my resume corrected by some foreign friends of mine. Thank you!)

   I understood what the interviewer asked me, however I couldn't answer fluently. :(
   Fortunately, I passed the interview but I missed the chance to work at a company. She said to me, "I'm sorry but your English is not good enough to work at a company. But, you have an excellent score on the paper test. So, I think you will continue to do your best. I recommend that you do your internship at a non-profit organization." Immediately, I said "Yes! I'm eager to do my internship overseas, so it's OK even if I will do it at a non-profit organization."

   Of course, I was very sad to miss the chance to work at a company. But that didn't bother me and I will search harder for a NPO which accept me. I just made the starting line.

   So, I have to practice my speaking skill in English especially.

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