I am rightly a Buddhist, but ...

   As you might know, I'm looking for a foreign NPO to accept me this Summer.

   I have found some NPOs and begun to make contact with two of them.

   One is an NPO in Malaysia.
   I had an interview with the internship staff on Skype a few days ago. She said to me, "You are very cute through the way you talk, I can clearly understand what you're saying because sometimes Japanese can't pronounce exactly the same as others." !!!
   (「・ω・)「 Waooooo! So happy!

   These are photos which I took in Johore, Malaysia 4 years ago. I went on a school excursion to Malaysia and Singapore.

   Another is in the Philippines.
   It is an internship under the Entrepreneurs School of Asia Foundation. I think it is tailor-made for me! Because, my major in University is Strategic Management in business and I'm also a member of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study. Because of that, this NPO is my first choice.

   Now, I'm working on an application form for this internship program.
   Surprisingly, there is a blank labelled "Religion". I've never been asked about my religion except on facebook. I wonder if they want to know it for religious customs in daily life. For example, if I am a Muslim, they must prepare meals for Muslims. "Halal" food for example.... What do you think? From another point of view, generally Japanese don't care much about their own religion. I am a Buddhist but not a devoting one. I don't pray devoutly as the people in Southeast Asia. I am only going to have a memorial service held by a Buddhist monk and go into the grave next to a Buddhist shrine.

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