I'going to the Philippines this summer!!!

     Yesterday, I was accepted to do an internship at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia (ESA), in Manila.

     Main features of this internship:
     1. Attend classes on business ethics, social development, and Filipino culture and awareness in ESA once a week.
     2. Home stay program – I will live with an average family in the city for one whole day and one night once a week.
     3. Environmental awareness – stay in Alaminos (Hundred Islands) one weekend, and live with an average family there.
     4. I will also have exposure trips to an NGO and a CSR of a company.

     Key learning points of this internship:
     1. A major opportunity to experience how business can be used as a tool for development.
     2. See the efforts of organizations to help simple communities.
     3. Immerse in simple communities, so that I can understand business and life through their perspective.

     I have an advantage since I have a deep understanding of business ethics, especially, those of Japanese companies. I am going to present to entrepreneurs ideas from business ethics.

     Ummm, I'm very very busy because I have term exams in July and I have to prepare for the exams and the internship at the same time. X(
     But, I'll do my best! I am really happy I'll be doing my internship there!!!

    My internship will last until September 4. After that, I plan to study at a language school in Cebu for 5 weeks. I'm looking for a language school now. :D


What is my happiness?

Japan Women’s Initiatives-Global Leaders Project- 


     These days, I'm becoming very aware of the fact that I am a woman because the job-hunting is just before me. I had believed with no doubt that I can get a job and work until my retirement age, until I heard the problem about female workers here in Japan. For example, many female workers in Japan tend to retire from their job because of marriage and childbirth issues. It is said that the rate of Japanese female workers retiring by such reasons is much higher than in other countries. There is also a glass ceiling in most Japanese companies. The number of female executives is still very small.

     Then, I reconsidered my career planning. I want to give birth at around 30 years old and I also want to keep working and contributing to the society. In order to realize these two expectations, I need to choose from these three course of actions.
     The first is getting a job in a company that is well‐equipped with a welfare program. Therefore, a company whose female workers are able to keep working after their marriage or childbirth.
     The second is changing my job after childbirth. For that purpose, I must keep improving my abilities to the point that I can successfully change my job.
     The third is that I will retire. Then, I'm going to go to a graduate school to become a professor.
     I have these 3 choices for now.

     I believe that my mission is to innovate the society. Currently, I'm so interested in the field of global physical distribution. On the other hand, I'm facing the question, "What is my happiness?"
     Under these circumstances, I want to clarify my career plan through discussions with female workers and other female students within my age bracket.