I'going to the Philippines this summer!!!

     Yesterday, I was accepted to do an internship at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia (ESA), in Manila.

     Main features of this internship:
     1. Attend classes on business ethics, social development, and Filipino culture and awareness in ESA once a week.
     2. Home stay program – I will live with an average family in the city for one whole day and one night once a week.
     3. Environmental awareness – stay in Alaminos (Hundred Islands) one weekend, and live with an average family there.
     4. I will also have exposure trips to an NGO and a CSR of a company.

     Key learning points of this internship:
     1. A major opportunity to experience how business can be used as a tool for development.
     2. See the efforts of organizations to help simple communities.
     3. Immerse in simple communities, so that I can understand business and life through their perspective.

     I have an advantage since I have a deep understanding of business ethics, especially, those of Japanese companies. I am going to present to entrepreneurs ideas from business ethics.

     Ummm, I'm very very busy because I have term exams in July and I have to prepare for the exams and the internship at the same time. X(
     But, I'll do my best! I am really happy I'll be doing my internship there!!!

    My internship will last until September 4. After that, I plan to study at a language school in Cebu for 5 weeks. I'm looking for a language school now. :D

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